The World As I See It


What first strikes the visitor with amazement is the superiority of this country, in matters of technics and organization. Objects of everyday use are more solid than in Europe, houses infinitely more convenient in arrangement. Everything is designed to save human labour. Labour is expensive, because the country is sparsely inhabited in comparison with its natural resources. The high price of labour was the stimulus which evoked the marvelous development of technical devices and methods of work.

这段话由爱因斯坦在《 The World As I See It 》中提到。



BLM 运动此起彼伏,许多开源项目在其官网首页顶部加上了醒目的 Slogan,对于美国系统性种族主义此文不作讨论。Kubernetes 官网谈了它的 社区的价值观,我认为这也是多数开放源码项目社区的价值观:

We value time spent automating repetitive work more highly than toil.